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Vignette Details


Arkansas Gazette December 2, 1820 (January 6, 1821) $150 Reward RAN away from my plantation, Lincoln county, Tennessee, on the first day of August last, a Negro man named JACK. He is about 6 feet high, a dark mulatto, broad shoulders, rather inclined to be round, high cheek bones, thin jawed, thin lips, large hands and feet, and rather an impediment in his speech, dejected countenance when spoken to, and very fond of spirituous liquors, a large scar on his breast, on the left side, and under the left nipple, and has been passing by the name of DAVE; he is a tolerable good shoemaker, and an excellent hand at the whip-saw. Any person apprehending said fellow and confining him in any jail in Tennessee or Kentucky, shall have the above reward, or one hundred dollars, if confined to any jail in the United States, so that I get him again; or the above reward for the delivery of said fellow to me, at Bradshaws Creek, Giles county, Tennessee, with common expenses. Any person taking up said Negro, will direct their letters to Pulaski, Giles county, Tennessee. JOHN HOLCOMB November 4, 1820 The editors of the following newspapers will please insert this advertisement six times in their papers, and forward their papers to the Editor of the Nashville Whig, to whom, or to their or the money will be paid according to their usual terms of advertising viz the editor of the Natchez State Gazette, Arkansas Gazette, St. Louis Enquirer, Louisville Public Advertiser, Cincinnati Western Spy, and Pittsburgh Gazette JOHN HOLCOMB