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Vignette Details

Phill Escapes in St. Francesville

Arkansas, Louisaniana

Arkansas Gazette August 12, 1820 (September 9, 1820) 30 DOLLARS REWARD RAN away from the subscriber, near St. Francisville, on the 11th of June last, a NEGRO MAN, named PHILL, he is of a light complexion; broad flat nose and large mouth, lips turning out; about five feet 10 inches high, speaks free, and rather through the nose; he can read print, and has a bible and psalm book with him; he took with him two silver and one gilt watch, the latter an old one; he also has a free paper, in which he is called John Winson; and has some ruffled shirts marked “J. Miller”, which he carried in a knapsack. A reward of 20 dollars will be given, if confined in any jail so that I can get him again; or the above reward, with reasonable charges, if brought home. BARTLETT COLLINS Parish of E. Feliciana, Lou. July 20, 1820