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Vignette Details

Dick Ran Toward the Indian Nation


Arkansas Gazette June 25, 1859 Ran Away FROM the subscriber, at Pine Bluff, Arkansas, on the night of the 18th inst., a brown mulatto boy, named DICK, about 23 years old, 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, and weighs about 140 pounds, is of thin visage, has had front teeth, and is very sprightly when spoken to, has black bushy hair, nearly straight. Had on brown linen clothing, and brown rabbit fur hat. Was raised in Georgia, and sold to me by R.H. Sullivan, of that State. It is supposed that he, in company with some other runways, is aiming for the Indian Nation. A liberal reward will be paid for his apprehension and delivery to me, or to any Jailer, so that I get him again. THOS. S. JAMES Pine Bluff, Arks., June 18, 1859