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Vignette Details



*Arkansas Gazette* March 7, 1851 (March 14, 1851) $100 Reward My Negro Boy BOB, left my premises about the first day of June last, and, although he has been almost raised in this county, and has many relatives, a wife and children, & c., here, I have not heard of him since. He probably has some marks of the whip upon his back. He is of a copper color, though not of mixed blood, about 29 years of age, about five feet eight inches high, and weighs about 155 pounds, sprightly and quick motioned, rather likely, with pretty large eyes which have a great deal of white in them when opened much; has rather bad teeth with a gap in the front part of the upper jaw, he stammers or stutters, talks fast, and is a little bold and impudent. In walking fast, he usually makes a long and a short step, as though lame, which I believe is not the case. When a boy, he was badly burned upon one of his arms (I think the right), from about the elbow down, the scar of which is yet to be seen. HE is lively and fond of music, and plays upon the banjo. I am fearful that he may have fallen into bad hands, and been conveyed off and sold in an adjoining State. If this should be so and the boy is now in the hands of an honest man, I hope to hear from him. If not stolen, he in all probability has gone to some of the neighboring Indian nations, and may have obtained forged free papers, and attempt to pass himself as free, or he may be hovering about some city or town not far distant. I hope that the patrol and police of the county will look out for him. If the said boy Bob is taken up out of this State, and confined so that I can get him, I will pay a reward of One Hundred Dollars, or, if taken within this State, and confined so that I can get him, I will pay a reward of Fifty Dollars. Any information in relation to said boy, will be thankfully received. E.J. SMITH Fulton, Hempstead co., Ark. Feb. 18, 1850 The Choctaw Telegraph, Cherokee Advocate, Little Rock Gazette and Democrat, Memphis Appeal, Shreveport Gazette, and the Natchez Free Trader will please give the above two insertions and send accounts to this office.