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Vignette Details



Arkansas Gazette January 31, 1851 (February 21, 1851) $20 Reward I will give a reward of Twenty Dollars, for a Negro man called Anthony, who ran away from me on the 21st of this month, if apprehended in Pulaski county, and delivered to me at this place, or if apprehended out of the county, and secured in any jail so that I can get him. Said Negro, I believe, has a wife belonging to Wm. S. Sweigart, Esq., of Clarksville, Johnson county, Arks., and probably will aim for that place, or the Indian country. He is about 40 or 45 years of age, will weigh about 140 or 150 lbs., about 5 ½ feet high, heavy muscled, his back is somewhat scarred from whipping, is of a light copper color and is a house painter by trade, and had on, when he left, a cloth cap, a dress cloth coat, a pair of brown home-made jeans pantaloons, white shirt, and a pair of coarse boots. BEN. F. DANLEY Little Rock, Jan. 31st 1851