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Vignette Details



Arkansas Gazette December 27, 1850 (February 14, 1851) $400 Reward If taken out of the State of Texas, $200 if taken within the State and delivered to me at my farm, or one-half of the above reward for the delivery of either of the Negroes. Runaway from the farm, three miles from Brazoria, Texas, two Negro men; one by the name of JONAS, about 22 years old 5 feet 9 or 10 inches high, very stout made and very black; with white teeth, low forehead; has a surly, grim look, or countenance, is bowlegged, with a quick step, and speaks quick. Had on when he left, striped bed tick pants, dirty white blanket coat, white wool hat, horse hide boots. Jonas can read and write had with him a pocket compass, was raised in ST. Louis Mo; he frequently uses the expression “dog on it.” The other Negro man is named SAM. He is about 36 years old; 5 feet 10 or 11 inches high, stout and well made. Sam’s complexion is what would be called a dark copper color; he has a good countenance; had a peculiar voice; when he speaks he raises it (his voice) high, and drops it before he closes his sentence. He plays the violin very well; was raised by Mr. Montgomery, at Montgomery’s Point; on the Mississippi River, (Arkansas). He had on when he left, white Lowel pants and shirt and a white wool hat. They have with them a short double barrel shot gun. From the best information, I expect they will try to get the Indian Nation in Arkansas. Any information given me of the above Negroes will be liberally rewarded. JAMES McFADIN Brazoria Co. Texas Nov. 29, 1850 The Northern Standard, Clarksville, Red River co; and the Gazette and Democrat, Little Rock, Ark, will please copy, for three months, and send their bills to this office. Galveston, Nov. 29, 1850