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Vignette Details



Arkansas Gazette February 27, 1833 (March 13, 1833) $300 REWARD IN December, 1831, TWO NEGRO MEN, were stolen, from the subscriber, living 8 miles east of Huntsville, Alabama. One named SHADRACK, between 30 and 40 years of age, tolerably stout, but not very tall, complexion a little inclined to be yellow, and has a very daring or brazen look. The other named ISHAM, about 30 years old, is a stout black fellow, has very perceivable scars about his head--agreeably to me recollection, one over his left eye, and one over the left ear; of the precise place however I may be mistaken-has, I believe, one or more fore teeth out, and a down look, particularly when spoken to. I have every reason to believe that said Negroes were stolen by some white villain or villains, and taken to the Indian nation in the Mississippi, and in all profanity sold to the Choctaws, or others, or traded for cattle; and possibly may be taken to the Arkansas, with the Emigrating Indians. Persons living with the Indians, or in the Indian county, will do me a favor by making inquiry after these Negroes, and should they be apprehended and delivered to me, near Huntsville, as above state, I will pay the above reward of Three Hundred Dollars--or if secured in any jail in Arkansas, and information given to me so that I get them again, I will give One Hundred and Fifty Dollars--and Two Hundred Dollars if secured in jail in Mississippi, or any other State, and information given me thereof. Said Negroes have no doubt changed their names. RICHARD HAUGHTON Madison county, Ala Jan. 25, 1833