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Arkansas Gazette August 13, 1852 (October 22, 1852) Stop The Runaway Slave RAN AWAY from the subscriber, residing at the Old Agency, in the Creek nation, west of Arkansas, on the 29th July (ult.), a Negro man named GRANDERSON. He is a dark Mulatto, of black complexion; is about 26 years of age, 5 feet 8 inches high, has large feet, long hands, rather a flat nose, large mouth, is easy and pleasant in his manners; and has but little to say except when spoken to. He was raised by Col. R.B. Mason; and is known by many officers of the U.S. Army. His dress is unknown, and I have no doubt he has been furnished with free papers by some person or persons traversing this Indian country. I will pay a liberal reward for the delivery of said boy to me; at the Old Creek Agency, or for his being secured in any Jail, so that I may get him. EDGAR RUST Old Creek Agency, Aug 2, 1852