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Vignette Details



*Arkansas Gazette* December 2, 1840 (January 6, 1841) $500 REWARD Ran away, or was stolen, from the subscribers plantation, at Pecan Point, Red river, on the night of the fourth October last, four Negro men, viz: BOY, a stout square made fellow quite black, about five feet ten or eleven inches high, nose turned up, a sensible and pleasing countenance, about thirty years old. One other man TURNER, heavy built, about five feet six inches high, sensible and reading in conversation, of a copper color, about thirty-five years of age. One other man, JACK, copper colored, about five feet nine inches high, rather slender built, about thirty years of age, has very little to say. One other man, GEORGE, quite black about five feet ten inches high, nearly as large as Boyd, but not so trim made, about twenty seven or eight years old, very slow spoken. They had a variety of good clothing, and all of them boots of the same make. They were seen by Indians passing through the Choctaw Nation, along with three white men, all armed. I am inclined to think their aim was to get into the mountains, probably abut the Washita Cove, and may pass on to the Cherokee country, as I believe one or two of the men with them could speak Indian, and partly mixed with Cherokee. It has been said the Negroes, by contract, were to be carried to the wild Indians, but I think their intention is to dispose of the, as I believe there is a chain of villains interested in the business. It is probable they may be taken to the upper navigation of the Arkansas river, to be sent down in a steam-boat or other conveyance, to some place for sale. There is also one boy, PETER, a mulatto, with a bushy head, about seventeen or eighteen years old. He left my Lost Prairie plantation, Lafayette county, Arkansas about the 12th of August. He is probably not more than five feet four inches high. He had a variety of clothing and may probably endeavor to pass for a free Negro. I have also lost three mules from Pecan Point, two dark brown and one light sorrel, four or five years old next spring, branded on the left shoulder and hip with the letter B; perhaps the brand may be dim. I will give the above reward, and expenses if delivered to me or my agent, at Lost Prairie, or secured in jail so I get them again, or one hundred dollars for each of the Negroes, and a liberal reward for the mules. ROBERT HAMILTON November 22d, 1840