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Vignette Details

Runaway Caught with Choctaw


Arkansas Gazette November 13, 1833 (January 8, 1834) A Runaway Negro in Jail A RUNAWAY slave was committed to my custody, as Jailer of the county of St. Francis, on the 7th of November, A.D. 1833, who states that he belongs to Richard Anderson, living near Hardinsville, Madison county, Mississippi. Said slave is about five feet six inches high, supposed to be about eighteen or nineteen years of age, and has a remarkable scar on the left side of his head, near the ear. He speaks quickly, and has a down look. He was taken up on the road leading from Memphis to Little Rock, A.T., in company with the emigrating Choctaw Indians. The owner of said slave is requested to come forward, prove his property, and pay charges, or he will be dealt with according to law. THO'S J. CURL, Sheriff and Jailer St. Francis county, A.T. St. Francis, Nov. 9, 1833