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Vignette Details

Joe Escapes from Cherokee Nation


Arkansas Gazette September 19, 1832 (September 26, 1832) Stop the Runaway RAN AWAY from the Subscriber, living in the Cherokee Nation, on the 6th of August last, a small Negro Man named JOE, thirty-five or forty years of age, four feet eight or ten inches high, has the features of a monkey; his voice is very small, speaks very proper and distinct. Had, on when he left me, an old Jeans pair of pantaloons and a shirt. I will give Ten Dollars to any person who will apprehend and deliver the said Negro to me, living near Dwight Mission, in the Cherokee Nation, or securing him, in any jail so that I can get him, and all reasonable expenses will be paid. JAMES WAND Cherokee Nation, Sept 8, 1832