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Vignette Details

Escape of Willis and Stephen


*Arkansas Gazette* May 16, 1832 (May 30, 1832) $200 REWARD Ran away from the subscriber, living near the falls of Coosa river, Antauga county, Ala., about the 1st of January last, two Negroes, named WILLIS and STEPEHN. Stephen is about 22 years of age, full face, black smooth skin, thick short feet, and is I suppose, five feet 4 or 5 inches high. Willis is a yellow lad, 17 years of age, no particular marks recollected. He had an iron ring round one of his legs when he left me. These Negroes carried off with them a large yellow dog with the end of his tail cut off. The last certain account I have of them they were making for the Cherokee Nation. I have good reason to believe that they have been run from there to the Creeks or Cherokees west of the Mississippi, by some white villain or Indian. I will give the above reward for the apprehension of the villain and the Negroes, with sufficient proof to convict him--or fifty dollars will be given for the delivery of the Negroes to me, at my residence as above mentioned, or twenty dollars for securing them in some safe jail, so that I get them, and all reasonable expenses paid. Any information of them will be thankfully received. HOWELL ROSS April 19, 1832