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Vignette Details

Shawnees Sheltered Freedom Seekers

Shawnee Old Fields Village existed in Allegany County, MD, at the confluence of the North and South branches of the Potomac River, strategically located along the Great North-South [Indian] Warriors Path. It is associated with the Underground Railroad during the occupation of the Shawnee Indians at King Opessa's Town and neighboring towns from about 1711 to 1727; the Shawnee offered a refuge to freedom seekers. The Governor of VA offered a bounty of a gun and two blankets for each runaway returned by a Shawnee. The Governor of MD met with Indian traders in Annapolis and sent Charles Anderson to negotiate the return of runaways who were living at various towns on the Potomac. For the two governors, the resolution came when the Indians abandoned their towns on the upper Potomac River, probably to return to the Ohio River Valley