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Vignette Details

Forks of the Roads Slave Market

Natchez, Mississippi

Forks of the Roads Slave Market during its existence served as the second largest enslavement market in the Deep South. It was the southern headquarters for the Franklin & Armfield Slave Markets whose East Coast purchasing operation was headquartered in Alexandria, VA and is now a National Historic Landmark. The roads were the destination terminus of major and minor enslavement dealers from Virginia, Georgia, Florida, North/South Carolina, Missouri, Tennessee, and Kentucky. The Juncture's Old Viriginia Road linked to the Natchez Trace's migrant/coffle trails from Pennsylvania and Virginia. Liberty Road linked the migrant coffle trails from Georgia and the Carolinas. St. Catherine Street linked land routes up from Florida/New Orleans and up/down the Mississippi River routes. During the Civil War, thousands of enslaved African Americans escaped from nearby plantations and took refuge with the Union Forces. Several thousands of these men joined the Union Army as "Freedom Fighters" and were stationed/housed at the site that once served as the Forks-of-the-Roads Enslavement Market.