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Vignette Details

Oberlin-Wellington Rescue

Oberlin, Ohio


Oberlin, Ohio is perhaps the most famous antislavery community in the United States.

It is home to Oberlin College, the first higher education institute in the United States to admit students regardless of race or gender. Dozens of graduates from Oberlin Seminary moved to different areas of America, all with the expressed purpose of spreading abolitionism and aided freedom seekers.

In a famous 1858 incident, slave catchers accompanied by a U.S. deputy marshal arrived in Oberlin to capture freedom seeker John Price. When residents learned of the plan, the Underground Railroad went on alert. Almost forty local residents, white and African American, sped to Wellington where Price was being held and liberated him from his captors. Thirty-seven were indicted for their roles in the rescue, twenty spent time in jail awaiting trial, and two were eventually tried and convicted. Yet despite this experience, the Oberlin Underground Railroad remained dedicated to the cause of freedom.

To learn more about the participants in the Oberlin/Wellington rescue, click on the link below.