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Northeast / Virginia (outside DC metro area)

My direct ancestors, the Yowell family, were original landowners in the Hudson's Mill area of Virginia near the Culpeper/Madison County line just north of Route 29. They built a hidden cellar with a water pipe from the spring. The spring was covered with a protective structure which they called the spring house. One wall of the structure could be opened on a hidden set of hinges. There was a ladder down into the cellar. My great-great-grandparents, Christopher and Amanda Thomas Yowell, hid runaway slaves in that cellar. Their slaves were given a piece of the farm and I believe their descendants are still living there. There is a book by a Mr. Runyan, published by the University of Kentucky Press, approximately 1996, which mentions an unidentified family in the Hudson's Mill area who were members of the Underground Railroad. I believe that was my family. The farm was sold in the 1950's and is in the vicinity of Prince Michel Vineyards. The Yowell gravestones in the family cemetery would identify the farm.

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Marion Gaskins, Virginia (outside DC metro area),