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Southeast / Alabama

The National Park Services pays lip service to disability rights. The NPS do not enforce their own Section 504, there is no accountability, no in-depth knowledge that has permeated NPS so any staffer can espouse the disability civil rights that touches 100% of everything NPS does. All NPS conducted programs; services and facilities for employee’s and the public are suppose to already be in compliance. IT HAS BEEN NEARLY 30 YEARS SINCE YOUR SECTION 504 BECAME A REGULATION! NPS only pays token compliance to the civil rights of persons with disabilities by not thoroughly integrating, as your section 504 states equal access. Instead NPS continues to thumb their nose at us. The priorities of the NPS are wrong! NPS wastes millions on token compliance, instead of looking at how to serve persons with disabilities utilizing the FEDERAL regulations already in place. We are tired of your goody two shoes attitudes and your defensiveness. You need to open your ears to our petitions, you need to ground and integrate your regulations with standards that are based on technical research focused on safety and accessibility. You NPS are not perfect! You need to look at what effective communications really is instead of what you can do to get by. Accessibility has to work, it has to be usable, and it has to be trusted to be safe. You cannot continue to patronize us with the happy face of empty promises. We are the Underground Railroad for Disability Rights; 1. We as persons with disabilities expect to be treated like all others equally! 2. We as persons with disabilities expect to be able to participate at all national parks equally! 3. We as persons with disabilities are tired of the empty promises of the NPS! 4. We as persons with disabilities demand program access based on THE FEDERAL REGULATIONS, ABA, UFAS, (ABASS) and Section 504 our civil rights! When you use the words ADA we know you know that ADA does not apply to you, so why do you use it? Stop the charades and stop hiding! You have a few good men and women willing to fight for our rights but the administrators do not seem to understand nor care to understand what disability civil rights really are and the flame in their hearts to help us is extinguished! 5. We as persons with disabilities demand that the NPS and all other federal agencies stop doing token compliance that ends up costing the taxpayers millions in law suites and re-doing what could have been done correctly once. 6. We as persons with disabilities rebuke the stigmatized treatment from federal agencies. 7. We as persons with disabilities demand that our great United States of America for the people (disabled included) by the people give us representation! 8. We as persons with disabilities are angry about having the burden of proof put on our backs; we demand that the federal agencies protect us against retaliation if we speak out to help you understand what we are fighting for. We do not have the red tape and run around time that you have, life is precious, time is precious, stop giving people with disabilities the run around, we pay taxes too. 9. We as persons with disabilities ask that NPS step up to the plate and take a detailed look at all your programs, services, and facilities that disability rights is suppose to permeate 100% and see if it does.

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h humann, Alabama,