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Midwest / Ohio

I need some help about methods of movement from buildings on the underground railroad path. I have a house in Delaware Ohio. While doing some renovation in the basement/crawlspace we found a tunnel. This tunnel went from inside the house to at least (30) thirty feet out the rear of the house. At the time around the civil war the house was about a hundred yards from the Olentangy River. The tunnel was concealed along the bank of a gulley/ditch that ran to the river. The tunnel is about (2) two feet wide and about the same depth. It has a stone top. This was covered with dirt to appear to blend in as the bank of the ditch. Is this something that could have been used as a means of egress for escaping slaves? There are other stops on the underground railroad in the town and county but they were not like this location. Can anyone help me with information, or where to go for assistance. Thanks

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William Hamill, Ohio,