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Northeast / New Hampshire

My grandparents owned a farm in Keene, NH. As a child we explored the old farm House. One day, my dad, uncles, grandmother showed us a dark tunnel which ran from the upstairs, front bedroom (where my mother and aunt slept as a children) down to the front bedroom where a small door was hidden in the bedroom closet, hardley big enough for a human to go through. We were told this was a part of the underground railroad for slaves during the cival war. My grandmother sold the farm in the mid seventies. As far as I know, the same people who she sold it to still own the house. I want to say the address is 509 Hurrican Road, Keene, NH 03431. As a child, I know there were no house numbers, the farm was known as the Mecham Farm. Please don't get it confused with the house my grandmother later built after selling the farm. Both grandparents are buried on the land. Can anyone check this out? I'd like to know if this really was a part of the underground railroad. My grandparent's home was also written up in the History of Keene New Hampshire.

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Sarah Barker, New Hampshire,