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Midwest / Ohio

The 1830 farmhouse we live in sits 2 miles south of Oberlin Oh. overlooking the main road. The house was occupied by Samuel Wrightman from 1836-1873. The road(Hallauer) that is sits on was the site of the capture of John Price ,the runaway being taken to Wellington during the Oberlin - Wellington rescue, and the house has the following features that lea us to believe it was a stop on the railroad to freedom. 1. the house overlooks the main road noth and south. 2.rhe house has a dry cistern accessable from the basment crawl space. 3.the basement has a fron and rear entrance. 4.there is a small cutout in the flood that has a supported plug to open and provide access to the cistern. 5.the prosecutor for the 'trial' of the Oberlin rescurers was named Wrightman and was a true friend of abolition allowing all the convicted rescurers 'off'-and preciptating the concept that the North would not enforce the Fugitive Slave Act. I will continue to search local records for further evidence. Since our house is a Bed and Breakfast anyone can come and see the evidence for themselves. I lived here for 12 years before I found the device for accessing the basement last week.

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Joseph Woodward, Ohio,