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Midwest / Michigan

In 1950, my mother bought a home in Cassopolis, MI. The previous owner, told my mother this home had been part of the Underground Rail Road. The interior of the home had a hidden staircase, that opened with pulley ropes and led to a small cellar. Alledgedly this cellar hid runaway slaves. The whole town of Cassopolis was alledgedly part of the Underground Rail Road, but since I left home in 1955, I have not heard any more about it nor did any reasearch. Recently, I visited the old homesite which my mother sold in the late 1960's. I was disappointed that the town has deteriorated and the house itself in much disrepair. I would like to repurchase this property and have it restored as an historical site. I don't know if this is possible, but looking for historical data, suggestions or even assistance to restore. If anyone knows anything about this town as a stop on the Rail Road, please let me know.

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Donna Manier, Michigan,