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New Network to Freedom Members


The following applications were accepted for inclusion in the Network to Freedom in the twenty-seventh round of applications.The committee met on March 10, 2014 in Cambridge, Maryland.For further information or to comment on applications, please contact Diane Miller at 402-661-1588 or diane_miller@nps.gov


  • Dr. Robert Collins House: William and Ellen Craft Escape Site [site]



  • The African American Quilt Museum and Textile Academy [program]


  • Back Roads to Freedom [program]
  • Buttons Creek:Jane Kane Escape Site [site]
  • Caroline County Courthouse and Jail [site]
  • Denton Steamboat Wharf Site, Choptank River [site]
  • Harriet Tubman Conference [program]
  • Howard County Historical Society [facility]
  • Jacob Jackson Home Site (NPS, Harriet Tubman Underground Railroad National Monument) [site]
  • Long Wharf at Cambridge [site]
  • Parson's Creek:Keene Family Escape Route [site]
  • Poplar Neck Plantation at Marsh Creek [site]
  • Pritchett Meredith Farm:Escapes of Thomas Elliot, Denard Hughes, and John Wesley Hughes [site]
  • Richard Potter Rescue Celebration Site [site]
  • Richard Potter Home Site [site]
  • Staplefort Farm:Bob Manokey Escape Site [site]


  • Finney Barn Site [site]


  • John Brown House [site]
  • John Brown, Slavery, Abolition and the Underground Railroad-Discovery Trunk of The Summit County Historical Society of Akron, Ohio [program]
  • "Path to Freedom" Sculpture at Facer Park [site]
  • Waynesville's Role in the Underground Railroad [program]


  • James A. Fields House [site]
  • Tangier Island [site]