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New Candidates for the Network to Freedom


The following candidates are being considered for inclusion in the Network to Freedom in the twenty-sixth round of applications.The committee will review the applications on August 29, 2013 via conference call.Due to travel constraints, there will not be a public review meeting.For further information or to comment on applications, please contact Diane Miller at 402-661-1588 or diane_miller@nps.gov


·Tilly Escape Site, Gateway to Freedom [site]

District of Columbia

·Burial sites of William Boyd and David A. Hall at Historic Congressional Cemetery, Amendment [site]


·Shattering Silence Monument [site]


·Isaac Henry Farm Site, Escape of 4 men with Harriet Tubman [site]



·Documenting Runaway Slaves [facility]


·Robert A. Brown House, a.k.a. Wayside's Rest [site]


·Harrison Johnson Burial Site at Wyuka Funeral Home and Cemetery [site]

·John J McWilliams Burial Site at Wyuka Funeral Home and Cemetery [site]

·Nebraska House Site [site]

New York

·Elias Hicks House [site]

North Carolina

·Historic Stagville [site]


·Col. William Hubbard House [site]

·George Guthrie House [site]

·Waynesville 6th Grade Underground Railroad Educational Program [program]


·Alexander Turner Life Story [program]