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Making Sense of the Civil War


John Brown is coming to the African American Museum and Library in Oakland this Saturday, January 21, at the NEH and American Library Association reading and discussion program "Making Sense of the Civil War." 


Jean Libby will make a presentation and discussion of the twelve known photo portraits of John Brown with materials for teachers and students that relate Brown's life and actions to the three national events that caused the Civil War.  These are:  the Fugitive Slave Law (1850); the Kansas-Nebraska Act (1854); and the Dred Scott Decision (1857).

In addition, Jean will present a discussion/workshop of a comparison of two art portraits of John Brown, the John Steuart Curry mural at the capitol in Topeka, and the Thomas Hovenden oil painting at the San Francisco Museum of Fine Art. 

"Making Sense of the Civil War" (based on the book by Ed Ayers) series will launch with AAMLO Director Rick Moss at 2 p.m.  John Brown will spark the Civil War at 3 p.m.

Attendance at any or all of the program series is free.  The entire series will be useful for teachers who want contract upgrading through their educational institutions.   And, if you know any teachers in the Oakland Unified School District, I will be blasting the OUSD administrators' 8th grade U.S. History curriculum materials about John Brown all the way to Osawatomie, stopping first at the Battle of BlackJack.   Then it's On to Richmond (Virginia Historical Society). 

AMLO is at 659 14th Street, Oakland, CA 94612

Jean Libby, Editor, (510) 637-0200

Allies for Freedom