• Two scientists on a glacier.

    Climate Change

Key Messages

Scientists monitoring glacier retreat at Glacier National Park, Montana

NPS photo

Climate Change is Real

Scientists who observe Earth's climate have documented a warming trend caused by human activity, and the consensus is for the trend to continue.

Joshua Trees are impacted by climate change

NPS/Angie Richman

Consequences for Parks

Climate change transforms the natural and cultural landscapes of national parks and impacts your national park adventure.

Park Ranger engaging youth at Kenai Fjords

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Responding with Solutions
The National Park Service is managing with the best available science, making resources more resilient, reducing our carbon footprint, and helping staff and the public appreciate the implications of a changing climate
Park visitor riding shuttle bus

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Make a Difference
Help us protect America's national parks with choices that reduce your carbon footprint at home and in parks, while bringing personal benefits and future sustainability.