• Two scientists on a glacier.

    Climate Change

Climate Questions

Despite the preponderance of scientific evidence about the realities of climate change, in some cases the media still portrays it as a controversy. This leads to confusion and many people are left with questions about climate change. Explore some of the frequently asked questions about climate and climate change.

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  • Is alternative energy really practical?

    Wind turbines

    While alternative energy producers may be more expensive in the short-term, when long-term costs such as pollution, global warming, and quality of life are factored in, alternative energy is by far more cost effective. Read more

  • Is climate change affecting us already?

    Thawing permafrost

    We are seeing impacts in many places around the world. Many fragile ecosystems and cultural resources are in danger of disappearing forever. Read more

  • Isn't climate change a natural process?

    Egret in swamp

    Earth's temperature fluctuates naturally over tens of thousands to millions of years. Scientists take these fluctuations into account when they assert that we are currently experiencing unique conditions in Earth's history. Read more