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The American people created the National Park Service to care for our truly exceptional landscapes and historic treasures, enshrine our nation's enduring principles, and remind us of the tremendous sacrifices Americans have made on behalf of those principles. Our charge is to preserve our natural and cultural heritage unimpaired so Americans may always experience the chirps of pika high on the alpine tundra, the view of stately saguaro cactus, or the plunging of glacial ice.

The National Park Service response to climate change is coordinated around four areas of emphasis:

  • Using Science to help parks manage climate change
  • Adapting to an uncertain future
  • Mitigating or reducing our carbon footprint
  • Communicating to the public and our employees about climate change
About the Climate Change Response Program

The Climate Change Response Program works to foster communication, provide guidance, scientific information, and recommendations that support stewardship actions to preserve our natural and cultural heritage from the detrimental impacts of global climate change.

The Climate Change Response Program is committed to implementing the Department of the Interior's climate change response initiative. Our response is strategic, adaptive, and collaborative, and supports the mission of the parks and the values of the public we serve. We promote new ideas, continually learn about the land, and reach out to partners. We recognize that climate change is complex and requires coordinated action in long-term planning and policy, and that collective action should promote national and global leadership. With climate change, we have an enormous challenge to conserve park resources and provide for the enjoyment of those resources by the people of this country.

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