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  • 08/09/2014

    Location: Visitor Center | Map Time: 4:30 AM to 8:30 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Jim Lewis Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 615-893-9501

Experience the daily life of a soldier, and the parallel life of their loved ones at home as the men of the Ninth Kentucky keep to the schedule in General Orders No. 8 from the papers of their very own Marcus Woodcock.

Program Schedule:

Military       Civilian       Both

5 AM Reveille & Roll Call - Wake up early and join the soldiers as they begin another day in camp.

6:15 AMBreakfast Call - Bring your own rations and join the soldiers for their first meal of the day.

7 AM Sick Call - Learn about the grim realities of diseases that stalked soldiers every day.

7:30 AM - The U.S. Sanitary Commission Discover how Ann Hosmer and other dedicated civilians worked to improve the lives of the men in the Ninth Kentucky and the rest of the Union Army in Murfreesboro.

8 AM - Guard Mounting - Stand a post with the soldiers tasked with controlling people entering and leaving the camp.

8:30 AM – Laundry Service - Join the civilians as they wash and mend clothing for the soldiers.

9 AM Company Drill - Watch as the soldiers practice marching and firing their muskets.

9:30 AM - Packages for the Front Civilians will be preparing letters and packages to send to their loved ones on the front lines. Visitors will be able to send their own thank you letters to modern day soldiers fighting in the Middle East.

10 AM Company Drill - Visitors will get a chance to join members of the company in their drill.

11 AM Letters Home - While the officers work on their planning and command skills, visitors will gather in the civilian camp and listen as the loved ones of the Ninth Kentucky share the letters that connected the home front to the front lines.

11:30 AM - Making Lunch Civilians will demonstrate the basic cooking techniques used in the 1860s and show that at home sacrifices had to be made with more affordable food substitutions.

12 PM Dinner Call

1 PM Non-Commissioned Officers Drill - Visitors will take up arms so the corporals and sergeants can train them.

1:30 PM – Home & Hearth - Join the civilians in activities from the 1860s with a discussion of what home life was like during the Civil War and some of the hardships that civilians had to endure.

2:30 PM Battalion Drill - The soldiers will take the field once again and practice their deadly skills.

3 PM – Reap What You Sow Help the civilians plant their crops and discover the pivotal role of farm production during the war. Young visitors will be able to bring home their own planted seed to watch it grow.

3:30 PM Battalion Drill - The soldiers will continue practicing their deadly skills.

4 PM – Fatigue Duty As the soldiers clean their weapons, tidy their uniforms, and perform the daily work of maintaining their camp, the daily work of the civilians will continue until it's time to prepare for supper.

5:30 PM Retreat & Roll Call The battalion will form for a roll call and inspection before their end of the day parade.

6 PM Dress Parade - Watch the soldiers show off their marching skills at the close of the day.

6:15pm – Supper Call

7pm - Time to Unwind- Share music, stories, and games with the soldiers and civilians.

8:30 PM Tattoo & Roll Call - Once the roll call is finished, visitors must leave the camp as the lights go out.

9 PM Taps - The men head for their bed rolls as another day serving the country comes to a close.


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