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  • Everyday from 04/25/2015 to 04/26/2015

    Painting of Fortress Rosecrans by Albert Metzner
    Location: Visitor Center & Fortress Rosecrans | Map Time: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Jim Lewis Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 615-893-9501

By April 1865, Murfreesboro, Tennessee had been an occupied town for more than two years. News of surrendering Confederate armies signaled that four years of Civil War were finally coming to a close. Emotions ran the gamut from relief to anxiety, happiness to sorrow, hope and despair. Soldiers and civilians took in the news and continued with their daily routine wondering what the future held for them, the town, and the nation.

Volunteers and park rangers will present a series of living history programs focusing on the soldiers and civilians living in Murfreesboro at war's end and how they came to grips with events past, present, and future.

Daily Program Schedule

11 AM - Camps Open - Visitors are invited to join soldiers and civilians in their camps and learn about life in occupied Murfreesboro.

1 PM - Lingering Thunder - Watch a cannon fire and discover how and why the military occupation of Fortress Rosecrans and Murfreesboro lasted more than a year following the end of the Civil War.

2 PM - Remaking Murfreesboro - Listen as Murfreesboro's residents describe their reaction to end of the war and their hopes and fears for the future.

3 PM - Where Are Our Boys? - Watch a Confederate infantry demonstration and learn the fate of some of the soldiers who left Murfreesboro to fight the Civil War.


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