• Painting of Union cannons firing

    Stones River

    National Battlefield Tennessee

Event Details

  • Everyday from 05/03/2014 to 05/04/2014

    Young visitors try their hand at cannon drill.
    Location: Visitor Center | Map Time: 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM,1:00 PM to 1:30 PM,2:00 PM to 2:30 PM,3:00 PM to 3:30 PM Fee Information: Free Contact Name: Jim Lewis Contact Email: e-mail us Contact Phone Number: 615-893-9501

Most of the nearly four million soldiers who fought the Civil War had no military experience before they joined their army. Visitors of all ages can watch as park staff and volunteers train to fire muskets and cannons then spend some time learning the drill for themselves.


11 AM - Attention Squad! - Infantry Drill

1 PM - Load, Ready, Fire! - Artillery Drill

2 PM - Attention Squad! - Infantry Drill

3 PM - Load, Ready, Fire! - Artillery Dril