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    Stones River

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The Railroad at Stones River

An 1863 picture showing the fighting along the Nashville Pike and the railroad.

Union cannons near the railroad fire into the advancing Confederates on December 31, 1862.

A.E. Matthews

Completed in January 1854, the Nashville and Chattanooga Railroad played a crucial role in shaping the landscapes of Stones River National Battlefield.

The raised track bed was the scene of some of the most important fighting of the Battle of Stones River. Union cannons massed on the high ground along the railroad turned back the Confederate tide before it reached the Nashville Pike and the tracks.

After the battle, the railroad served as a vital artery of supply for Union forces advancing into the Deep South. Years after the war, the company took a leading role in preserving and interpreting the battlefield.

Did You Know?

Hazen Brigade Monument

The Hazen Brigade Monument, built in early 1863, is the oldest, intact Civil War monument in the nation.