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    Stones River

    National Battlefield Tennessee

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  • Park Tour Road Closed Unitl 8 AM on Saturday September 13, 2014

    The park tour road and visitor center parking lots will be closed until 8 AM while permitted 5K & 10K race passes through the park. Portions of the Old Nashville Highway will be closed as well.


Woman and child in refugee camp

Use the links on this page to connect to information about the men and women whose lives were changed forever by the battle and the Civil War.

The links below will take you to a list of the military units, also called an Order of Battle, that fought in the major Civil War engagements in and near Murfreesboro.

Order of Battle - The Battle of Stones River

Order of Battle - Forrest's Murfreesboro Raid

Order of Battle - The Battle of the Cedars

Fortress Rosecrans and Murfreesboro Garrison Units

Did You Know?

Prescribed Fire at the Slaughter Pen

Stones River National Battlefield uses prescribed fire to preserve the battlefield landscapes. Fire also helps eliminate invasive exotic plants and encourage the growth of native grass species. More...