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    Stones River

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Christian Nix's Last Battle

Wood grave marker for Christian Nix

This carved board marked Christian Nix's original burial place on the battlefield.

On December 31, 1862, an intensely cold morning dawned on the first brutal day of the Battle of Stones River. The Confederate army surprised the Federals with an attack on the Union right. Early in the morning, Christian Nix was hit by enemy fire.

Christian had been “shot through the body” and was brought off the battlefield and taken to a log house that served as a hospital. He died at this hospital on January 5, 1863. His comrades came to collect his body for burial.

Letter announcing the death of Christian Nix.

Click the image for a transcript of this letter.

On January 14, 1863, Christian’s captain sat down to perform the difficult task of writing to Maria Nix to inform her of her husband’s death. Captain Philbrook calls Christian an “Esteemed Friend and true soldier” and tells Mary that he will send her Christian’s personal effects including his sword. Christian also left behind a son, Henry, who was born in 1863.
Christian Nix's Sword
This sword was among the items sent home to Christian's wife and son from Murfreesboro.

Did You Know?

Hazen Brigade Monument

The Hazen Brigade Monument, built in early 1863, is the oldest, intact Civil War monument in the nation.