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    Stones River

    National Battlefield Tennessee

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  • Park Tour Road Closed Unitl 8 AM on Saturday September 13, 2014

    The park tour road and visitor center parking lots will be closed until 8 AM while permitted 5K & 10K race passes through the park. Portions of the Old Nashville Highway will be closed as well.

The Drums of War

Christian Nix's Sergeant's Commission in the Sixth Wisconsin Infantry
Shortly after his marriage, Christian joined the Sixth Regiment of Wisconsin Volunteers as a Third Sergeant. His Certificate of Commission from July 16, 1861 describes his terms and states that he is to serve for three years. He left his new wife to fight for his adopted country.
Last Will and Testament of Christian Nix
Christian made up his Last Will and Testament on June 15, 1861. He leaves his estate interests, including his “one story frame building” in the Ninth Ward of the city of Milwaukee, to his wife.
Letter written by Christian Nix to his wife, Maria.

Click on this image for a transcript of Christian's letter.

As many Civil War soldiers did, Christian kept connections with his home and family by writing letters. He wrote to his wife on October 21, 1861 from the Sixth Wisconsin’s camp in West Virginia. The letter is written in his native German.

Did You Know?

Hazen Brigade Monument

The Hazen Brigade Monument, built in early 1863, is the oldest, intact Civil War monument in the nation.