Field Trip Program

Fighting for Life in the Cedar Glades

Tennessee coneflower blloms in a cedar glade.

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Students will join a ranger for a walk through one of the park's cedar glades. While there, they will:

  • Discuss the geologic processes that formed the glades;
  • Use primary sources to discuss the role of cedar glades in the battle of Stones River; and
  • Explore the glade in groups to discover the adaptations that allow plants to live in this harsh ecosystem.


Biodiversity, Biology: Plants, Civil War, Ecology, Fire Ecology, History, Military and Wartime History
National/State Standards:
CCSS.ELA-Literacy.RST.6-8.1 & 6-8.4

TN Science: GLE 0507.2.1, GLE 0507.4.2 & GLE 0607.2.3

TN Social Studies: 5.3.02, 6.3.02 & 7.3.02
adaptations, Stones River, Civil War, Threatened and Endangered Species
Field Trip Program

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