Hispanic Heritage Month at the Statue

About Hispanic Heritage Month
In September 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed a Congressional bill designating the week including September 15th and 16th as National Hispanic Heritage Week. As more Hispanic people made important contributions to America, Congress and President Ronald Reagan later expanded the celebration to a full month (September 15th through October 15th). America honors the cultures and traditions of those who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, and the Spanish-speaking countries of Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

In the following days, eight of these nations will celebrate their independence. We invite you to join us in recognizing those eight in addition to each unique Hispanic country.

Join a Ranger Program
Join Ranger Paula for a talk in Spanish about the Statue's symbols.

Days: Monday through Friday
Times: Check at the Information Center
Location: Liberty Island Information Center
Ages: All are welcome
Duration: About 30 minutes
Cost: Free

Learn More
Stop by our Information Center to read our display that covers several topics related to Hispanic Heritage, including:

  • Other monuments to freedom and independence in Hispanic countries
  • Important Hispanic Americans who have made significant contributions to their country through government service
  • Hispanic employees who work at the Statue of Liberty National Monument
More Information
Visit our Facebook page throughout Hispanic Heritage Month for posts about the Statue's connections to Hispanic people, places, and events.

Feel free to contact us with further questions.

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