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  • Statue Of Liberty National Monument

    Celebrating a Symbol

    The Statue of Liberty is known around the world as a symbol of freedom, but she is even more! Knowing more about several individual symbols found on Lady Liberty can help to better understand her symbolism. This packet of activities can be separated out into individual activities OR used as a field trip guide to help your students learn about the Statue of Liberty before, during, or after a visit.

    Field Trips,Student Activities
    Grade level:
    Upper Elementary: Third Grade through Fifth Grade
    Social Studies
  • Statue Of Liberty National Monument

    Visiting Liberty Island

    Liberty Island from a boat; the patina green statue stands on her granite pedestal on Liberty Island with blue sky behind and dark blue water below.

    Bringing a class to the Statue of Liberty National Monument can be a fun, memorable, and educational experience. While there are no formal curriculum-based education programs offered on Liberty Island, resources are available online for self-guided visits.

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