• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania

Indoor Activities

In Steamtown's History Museum, the Life on the Railroad section includes full size multicolor mannequins showing the different jobs of railroading.  The Pullman Porter wears blue slacks, a white jacket, bow tie, and blue cap.  He carries a small stack of sheets.

Life on the Railroad, in the History Museum, tells about the men and women who worked for the railroads, including the Pullman Porter.  Porters formed the first union in the United States to allow African-American members.

Indoors, explore our museums and view the Park film, "Steel and Steam." Guided walking tours of the Locomotive Shop are offered on most days year round. Occasionally, we host temporary exhibits at our Changing Exhibits Gallery. During the winter, special Theater Presentations may be offered on select weekends. Rain or shine, Steamtown offers a chance to learn about the history of railroading and how the steam locomotive - and the people who worked to make it happen - created the America we know today.

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