• An engineer inspects the running gear of a steam locomotive at Steamtown NHS


    National Historic Site Pennsylvania


A yellow handcar in operation with 3 visitors aboard.

Handcars were also known as "pump" cars for the physical action needed to operate this equipment. The handcar was primarily used by railroad Maintenance of Way personnel to transport men or equipment to a work site.

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WWII reenactors engage with Steamtown visitors

WWII reenactors engage with Steamtown visitors

"Troops and Trains" Event

May 24-25, 2014

Visit Steamtown National Historic Site on Saturday, May 24 or Sunday, May 25 for an event titled, "Troops and Trains."

Among the planned exhibits for this two-day event are

- recreation of a WWII Troop Train and an encampment
- historic military vehicles and equipment displays
- reenactors dressed in period military uniforms and civilian dress, and
- "Troops and Trains" Living History programs throughout both days

At this point, we are hoping to have The Dietrich Radio Players performing a live 1940's radio broadcast in our theater. For more information, phone or email Park Ranger Kenny Ganz at 570-340-5240.

Did You Know?

A fireman moves coal forward in the coal bunker of a steam locomotive to make the coal easier to use.

A large hard-working steam locomotive can use up to 6 tons of coal in about an hour. The fireman (the one who shovels the coal) might shovel 200 pounds of coal a minute! This is why railroads helped design mechanical stokers. Learn more about railroad jobs at Steamtown NHS in Scranton, PA. More...