Management Documents

Management Reports

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Visitor Study Report, 2013 (PDF, 958K)

Impact of Visitor Spending on the Local Economy, 2013 (PDF, 2.42MB)

Administrative History, 2010 (PDF, 29MB)

Cultural Landscape Report, 2010 (PDF, 74MB)

Year In Review Reports

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2013 Springfield Armory NHS Year In Review (PDF, 3MB)

2014 Springfield Armory NHS Year In Review(PDF, 3MB)

Historic Structure Reports

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Commanding Officer's Quarters, 2010 (PDF, 14MB)

Building 5&6, 2012 (PDF, 30MB)

Building 19 (Draft) Volume I, 1991 (PDF, 5MB)

Building 19 (Draft) Volume II, 1991 (PDF, 22MB)

Building 27, 2011 (PDF, 19MB)

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