• View of Springfield Armory overlooking the city of Springfield, 1855

    Springfield Armory

    National Historic Site Massachusetts

For Teachers

Educators of all levels are invited to participate in curriculum-based programs throughout the school year. Topics include Shays' Rebellion, the role of women and African Americans in production, and the Industrial Revolution. Also popular with younger students are programs on Inventions and Inventors of Springfield Armory and the Impact of Springfield Armory on the region.

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Forge of Innovation Educational Website

Lesson plans, history, and images have been combined by Springfield Armory National Historic Site and the University of Massachusetts at Amherst to create a WEBsite about the development of industrial interchangeable manufacturing at Springfield Armory.


Primary source materials, multimedia, and curricula on the pioneering industrialization and achievement of mechanized interchangeable mass production at Springfield Armory during a critical period of American History.


The Springfield Armory was a vital cog in the U.S. production machine throughout the years 1892-1945. It was the expansion of the scope of warfare that pulled traditional labor forces (mostly white men) away from the home front to the front lines and simultaneously created enormous demand for the Armory's products. Primary materials - including oral histories, images, and other resources are available for the support of educational programs.


Did You Know?

Main Arsenal at Springfield Armory NHS. Photo (c) James Langone

Springfield Arsenal, a military supply depot, was sited by General Henry Knox, and approved by General George Washington in 1777. The arsenal became known as Springfield Armory in 1794 when on-site small arms manufacturing was approved by President Washington. More...