Shauger Hill Trail


Loop of 2.4 miles in length




Beech-maple forest, a few small clearings, and pine plantation


The trail crosses Shauger Hill Road twice and the Pierce Stocking Scenic Drive twice. Be careful crossing roads. This trail is part of the Scenic Drive Ski Trail. This is a Designated X-Country Ski Trail and pets are not allowed on this section of the trail between December 1 and March 31. The section of the Scenic Drive Ski Trail that is on the roadway of the Scenic Drive does allow pets on a leash.

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Shauger Hill Trail Map

Shauger Hill Trail Map

NPS Map 2006

Shauger Hill Trail

Typical trail view from the Shauger Hill Trail

Kerry Kelly 2006

Shauger Hill trail goes through primarily maple-beech forest and some pine forest in pretty hilly terrain.
Woodpecker activity

Woodpecker activity on this dead tree.

Kerry Kelly 2006

An old tree along the trail provides food for the woodpeckers. Notice the recent activity on this tree.

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