Pyramid Point Trail



Loop 2.7 miles long. With a spur to a lookout point high over Lake Michigan. Lookout point is about 0.6 miles from the trailhead




Beech-maple forest, fields and pine plantation


Trail leads to a lookout at the top of Pyramid Point. To protect the bluff from erosion and for your safety, do not descend the bluff. Note that the last portion of the trail Basch Road. Watch for traffic.

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Pyramid Point Trail Map

Pyramid Point Trail Map

NPS Map 2006

Pyramid Point Trail

Hills on the Pyramid Point Trail

Kerry Kelly 2006

On this 2.7 mile trail, you will find three extremely different environments: maple-beech forest, high bluffs, and meadow. Please do not descend the bluff to Lake Michigan for your safety and to protect the natural setting. The trail includes several steep hills. Also the last 0.4 miles of the loop follows Basch Road - Watch out for traffic as you return to the trailhead.

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