Old Indian Trail

There are two loops, each about 2.5 miles long

Black Arrow Loop has sections of steep hills and sharp curves.

Evergreens and hardwoods

The trail leads to a view of Lake Michigan

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Old Indian Trail Map

Old Indian Trail Map

NPS Map 2006

Old Indian Trail

Trail through the Maple-Beech Forest.

Kerry Kelly 2007

Old Indian Trail has two loops of about 2.5 miles in length. It is also a popular cross country ski and snowshoe trail. Most of the trail runs through maple-beech forest. There is a short hike through the beach dunes to Lake Michigan near the junction of the two loops.
Trail through the Dunes to Lake MI

Trail through the dunes to Lake Michigan on the Old Indian Trail.

Kerry Kelly 2007

The trail leads through the beach dunes to Lake Michigan. Note that the drifting sand has almost buried the trail post (blue-tipped post).
Beach Dunes to Lake MI

Old Indian Trail spur to Lake MI

Kerry Kelly 2007

The view from the top of the dune looking out to Lake Michigan near where the two loops connect.

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