Know Before You Go



Access to North and South Manitou Islands is by private boat or by the passenger ferry service operated by Manitou Island Transit (231) 256-9061. The ferry service operates from the Fishtown Dock located in Leland, MI.


It is important to hang all food and scented items while camping on North Manitou Island to keep it away from chipmunks. Food should be hung at night and any time you are away from your campsite during the day. Hang food in dry bags or stuff sacks on a rope tied between two trees, at least six feet off the ground. Never leave food or scented items unattended in your tent or backpack.



Pack it in, pack it out. All trash, except for deeply buried toilet paper, needs to be disposed of properly. Bring garbage bags to pack out all of your trash. Trash bins are located at the Ranger Station on North Manitou Island. Please leave empty fuel cans on the ground beside trash cans.


During the spring/summer season of 2012, the vegetation crew is working to rehabilitate unofficial trails and illegal campsites and high impact areas. The goal of this project is to reduce visitor impact on natural resources through education and restoration. Please help us preserve this beautiful island and hike on designated trails at all times. DO NOT walk off trail in fragile dune areas. Camp at least 300 feet away from water and historic buildings.

Did You Know?