• Looking out at the lake

    Sleeping Bear Dunes

    National Lakeshore Michigan

GMP/WS Newsletters and Information

Final General Management Plan/Wilderness Study - October 2008

GMP/WS Public Hearing Presentation - June 2008 (2,742 kb, pdf file)

Draft General Management Plan/Wilderness Study - April 2008

1982 Benzie Corridor Scenic Road Feasibility Study - May, 1982 (2.6 MB pdf file)

GMP Power Point Presentation - May, 2007 (24 MB ppt file)
This is a huge file, so it will take some time to download!

GMP/Wilderness Study Newsletter #4 - March 2007 (1.1 MB pdf file)
This link takes you to the NPS planning web site where several files are available to download.

GMP/Wilderness Study Newsletter #3 - October 2006 (426 kb pdf file)

GMP/Wilderness Study Workshop Presentation - June 2006 (1,117 kb pdf file)

GMP/Wilderness Study Newsletter #2 - May 2006 (329 kb pdf file)

GMP/Wilderness Study Newsletter #1 - January 2006 (384 kb pdf file)


Did You Know?

Purple Loostrife is an invasive species

In the US, invasive species are the second biggest threat to native ecosystems after habitat loss. They reduce diversity, alter disturbance regimes, and have cascading effects on food webs, costing upwards of $140 Billion per year. More...