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    Sleeping Bear Dunes

    National Lakeshore Michigan


Nature and Science

Tree Frog

There are 20 species of amphibians that have been found within the Lakeshore. These include blue-spotted, spotted, four-toed and red-backed salamanders; mudpuppies; central newts; eastern American and Fowler’s toads; Blanchard’s cricket frogs; spring peepers; gray tree frogs; bullfrogs; and western chorus, green, Pickerel, northern leopard, and eastern wood frogs. The various species will serenade visitors from early spring into mid-summer. Areas near small lakes and marshes or moist areas in the hardwood forests are the best spots for listening to their calls and for the opportunity to see an amphibian.

Did You Know?

US Life-Saving Service

During the winter of 1870-71, 214 people lost their lives in shipwrecks on the Great Lakes, and congress established the US Life-Saving Service to conduct rescues from shore. This became the US Coast Guard in 1915. Visit Sleeping Bear Dunes to see how these men lived and worked. More...