Support Your Park

After experiencing the natural beauty and learning about the cultural history of Sleeping Bear Dunes, many people are drawn to find ways to get involved in supporting the park. No matter what your skills or the amount of time available to contribute, you will be able to find a way to get involved.

First of all, be sure to leave the Lakeshore in at least as good condition as when you arrived. Visit our Leave No Trace page for more information. Many of the things you can do to keep the park beautiful are obvious, but there are some little things that you might not think of that can make a big difference.

Stop by one of the visitor centers in the Park to browse the books and merchandise that will help you learn more about the natural and cultural heritage of the area. Buy a souvenir to remember your trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes. Learn more about the bookstore by clicking on the link.


Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer working at Maritime Museum Boathouse

Volunteers work in many areas of the Park.  Here, a volunteer leads a tour at the US Coast Guard Station Boathouse.

Kerry Kelly 2005

Check into our Volunteer In Park program to put your skills to work directly in the Park. Did you know that during 2011, over 1,300 people and groups volunteered almost 35,000 hours to park operations and programs in Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore? There are a wide array of volunteer jobs that range from a few hours to a regular commitment.

There are several organizations that work in cooperation with Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore to maintain and improve the park and enhance your experience when visiting. Learn more about our park partners and consider joining by visiting Our Park Partners.

Did You Know?