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Project Jukebox

The Sitka National Historical Park Project Jukebox is comprised of oral history interviews, photographs, and a virtual tour of the Russian Bishop's House. The collection is designed to provide an overview of Sitka National Historical Park - its history, its facilities, and its importance to members of the Sitka community.

  • People interviewed for this project have a variety of ties to the Park. You can listen as ...
  • Tlingit elders remember hunting, fishing, and collecting plants from within its boundaries;
  • Native and non-Native Sitkans remember playing in the Park as children;
  • Former Park employees discuss their experiences working at the Park and key events in the Park's development; and
  • Artists and administrators tell the Southeast Alaska Indian Cultural Center's story.

The Sitka National Historical Park Project Jukebox is available online at www.uaf.edu/library/jukebox. Copies of the Project Jukebox are also available for review at Sitka area libraries and the Rasmuson Library at the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

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