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A Russian abacus

Russian Abacus Curriculum
This unique Russian Abacus curriculum provides standards-based lessons and activities that teach mathematics skills to elementary students using the historical Russian abacus, or s'chyoty, and provides extensions for connecting mathematics, history, and foreign language together in the classroom. Download the teacher's guide.


Basketry Kit

This unique Tlingit basketry curriculum provides standards-based lesson and activities using basketry to teach mathematical properties of shapes, patterns, angle turns, distance, and symmetry in weaving patterns. The complete education kit comes in a large plastic tote box containing the following items:

Alaska and Canada's Inside Passage Cruise Tour Guide (map)

Native Peoples and Languages of Alaska (map)

A Celebration of Weavers by Helen Dianne Dangle (book)

Cedar by Hilary Stewart (book)

Sheldon Jackson Museum Review (pamphlet)

'Time for Kids' featuring weaver Teri Rofkar

Aaskan Crafts (pamphlet)

Handmade basket by Teri Rofkar

Foam board showing the methods of spruce root preparations

Binder including objectives, lesson preparations, lesson plans, legend of the origin of basketry, TTT and triangle handout, student handout, materials list, and graph paper. For a detailed list of the binder, download link to curriculum materials


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